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Trade with Pluto
7 min readSep 9, 2022
Trade with Pluto — Your Best Investment Yet

TL;DR: Trade with Pluto empowers retail traders to succeed with Pluto’s proprietary AI, social trading communities, and ultra-fast market data. Pluto also offers an affiliate program where experienced investors have the ability to get paid to trade.

What is Trade with Pluto?

The Most Advanced Asset Manager

Trade with Pluto is an asset management platform that integrates all of your stock, crypto, and NFT assets under one dashboard. Pluto connects to your brokerages and exchanges accounts to provide investors a convenient means of managing and trading their assets.

Managing multiple portfolios can be very tedious when you have to check every account individually. Pluto provides users customized dashboards where they can see daily overviews of their earnings and investments. You can see your overall profits and interact with your assets without leaving the app. This gives users an overview of their entire investment portfolio with advanced analytics and metrics.

What are benefits of using Trade with Pluto?

Market Data Speed

Pluto’s users have leverage when trading due to the ultra-fast market data with <1ms latencies, compared to the 400–800ms latencies provided by traditional brokerages. If you actively trade stocks, crypto or NFTs, Pluto’s market data speed is crucial because it allows you to see price movement as it comes in, without brokerage delays or manipulation. This empowers users to make financial decisions faster than ever, which prevents unnecessary losses and increases overall profit.

Community Trading

Over the last two years, we’ve seen a substantial rise in social media influenced trading through popular forums like “Wall Street Bets” on Reddit and investment groups on Twitter. As a result, brokerages have seen an increase in user engagement and overall onboarding. Modern investing has become gamified because people are no longer trading on their own, but now joining communities to find the next investment opportunity.

Share investment ideas with Pluto’s internal chat

This rise in communal trading groups is becoming more popular through social media, especially with the “meme” stock pumping we’ve seen with GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) and AMC Entertainment (NYSE: AMC). Not only that, but investing with a community gives users an increased sense of comfort, regardless of the outcome. When you’re able to celebrate large profits or make memes about losses, it makes the overall investment process a lot more enjoyable.

Pluto users have the ability to invest with their friends by creating their own trading communities or joining others. With the built-in chat system, you can share personal trades and ideas as you’re executing them. Pluto Communities is designed to give retail traders a platform where they can connect with likeminded investors to share investment strategies and discover the latest market trends.

Share your transaction history with your friends and community for complete transparency

Saving Users From “Pump and Dump” Scams

With the rise in social-media based investing came an increase in trading “influencers,” who sell subscriptions for their trading chat rooms. They give callouts and alerts for the stocks, crypto and NFTs they’re buying and selling, so their subscribers can follow along. The problem with some of these trading communities is most users don’t know who to truly follow, because of how many “influencers” are selling subscriptions these days.

Since Pluto connects directly to your brokerages and exchanges, users have the ability to publicly display their investments. Through the Communities feature, users have the ability to see who the most profitable investors are and subscribe to their trading communities. Users have the ability to follow their favorite traders and see exactly what they’re buying and selling, so they don’t get caught in any “pump-and-dump” or “rug pull” attempts. With trades being displayed live, users can see exactly when “influencers” enter and exit positions, so they don’t become the exit liquidity. In an era of true digital uncertainty, Pluto has you protected from any potential scams.

User profile on Trade with Pluto

If you are currently an active trader and are interested in selling subscriptions for your trading group, check out the Pluto Affiliate Program and get paid to trade.

Artificial Intelligence

Tracking all of your investments everyday is time consuming when you have to constantly keep up with world news and market trends. Since most people work fulltime jobs, they don’t have the time to keep up with every market change occurring. Pluto’s proprietary AI is here to help with that. By connecting your portfolios, Pluto’s AI acts as your virtual financial advisor, managing all of the assets you currently own and taking care of the rest for you. The AI is a robo-advisor that tracks your current positions and sends users estimated outcomes via push notifications, based on any trending news or social media coverage.

By having your very own financial advisors in your back pocket, Pluto’s users can have the comfort of knowing their assets are appropriately managed at all times. As always, these alerts are estimated outcomes and never financial advice. Think back to the old Microsoft Word paperclip, where it was always present in the document whenever you needed assistance.


One of the most important aspects to asset management is ensuring your portfolios stay secure and are not in any risk of loss. When you use Pluto and connect your brokerage accounts, the system does not have the option to transfer money in or out of your accounts. Users have the ability buy and sell shares, but in order to deposit or withdraw money, you have to manually log into your brokerage account and do it from there.

Pluto takes security very seriously and is developed to reduce any potential risks to users. Overall, the platform acts as a middle man to your brokerage or exchange. There is no account information stored on Pluto, so users have the comfort of knowing their data is secure.

Trade with Pluto market dashboard, with TradingView charts built in

Raw Data

Data is arguably the most valuable asset in this modern era. A key to success with any investment is doing extensive research and having advanced analytics, through reliable data. Trade with Pluto is designed to arm users with all of the tools they need to succeed as investors.

Pluto provides reliable market data, advanced charts and unfiltered and unbiased newsfeeds, so you can do all of your research straight from the dashboard. You can setup the dashboard based on your needs, so you can see exactly what you need and nothing else.

Visit Trade with Pluto’s website to learn more about other features and how they can benefit you in your investing journey.

How Can I Get Started Trading with Pluto?

At this moment, Pluto offers various membership options tailored to investors of all experience levels. At the core, Pluto is free to use for managing all of your portfolios. For the users who require more advanced tools, Pluto has monthly memberships as cheap as a cup of coffee.

With the recent increase in Web3 adoption across all industries, Trade with Pluto rolled out their very own NFT collection, the Trade with Pluto Boarding Pass. This is your “ticket” to Pluto, as corny as it is. One of the key benefits to the NFT is having lifetime access to the platform. In an era where everything is becoming subscription based, Pluto’s NFT acts as a software license, so you don’t have to worry about reoccurring payments. Another added benefit for the NFT over the subscription is having the ability to sell it and get your money back if you find that Pluto does not meet your needs.

Trade with Pluto Boarding Pass NFT

By owning the Trade with Pluto NFT, users are granted early access to Pluto’s releases and the advanced tools provided. The NFT also come with access to a licensed financial advisor, and get their portfolios assessed to meet their financial goals, free of charge for the first year. NFT holders are treated as investors, so their feedback and input are directly factored throughout development and overall operation. Visit the Trade with Pluto website for more info on all of the benefits the Trade with Pluto NFT offers.

There are only 10,000 NFTs available, so get yours while supplies last. You can either “mint” your NFT from the Trade with Pluto website, or buy it from a secondary market like OpenSea.

Pluto is designed to be your one-stop location for your investment needs. Track all of your brokerage and exchange accounts, join trading communities and utilize the powerful tools Pluto has to offer.



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