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4 min readSep 9, 2022
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TL;DR: Trade with Pluto Affiliate program provides users a reputable network to gain trading insight, while also offering influencers a platform to monetize their trades and grow their audience. Pluto has the lowest creator fees, along with all of the tools appropriate for these services. Pluto aims to build a network of the most profitable and transparent investors, so all users are comfortable finding their next trading group.

What issue is Pluto Affiliate addressing?

Trade with Pluto is officially rolling out the Pluto Affiliate Program, a network curated with the most successful and influential traders. Pluto’s software provides affiliates a medium where they can share their investments with their audiences and monetize their trades. Influencers no longer have to rely on third party platforms to sell their subscriptions/callouts since Pluto offers all of the tools they need to succeed.

Traditionally, trading influencers relied on platforms like Discord, Telegram, OnlyFans and Patron to connect with their audiences. Although these are great services, they don’t serve an appropriate purpose for trading. Influencers constantly have to disrupt their trading to post their every move, which is very inefficient, especially when you’re holding large positions.

What ends up happening is these influencers hyper focus on their investing and forget to callout their position to their audience, leaving them in the dark on what to do. By the time they tweet out or message their position, it can already be 1–5 minutes late, which is crucial time in this industry. This results in losses and dissatisfied customers.

From a consumer standpoint, finding a quality trading group is an issue since verifying credibility is challenging. In a world filled with “rug pulls” and “pump-and-dump” promoters, people lose trust in this industry.

Pluto is here to fix that.

Publicly displayed trades bring back trust in the trading community

What are the benefits of Pluto Affiliate?

  • Pluto offers the lowest creator fees across all platforms, leaving affiliates higher earnings
  • Pluto’s users are already trading stocks, crypto, and/or NFTs, so community growth and discovery is more organic
  • Ability to establish trust and rapport in the trading community with your proven trading history
  • Users’ assets are protected against “rug pulls” and “pump-and-dumps” when all trades are publicly shown
  • Project founders can easily connect with their communities to share project news, updates and releases without worrying about phishing attempts on holders
  • Pluto’s tools give you everything you need to trade and connect with your community, i.e., internal chat, internal trading tools, live alerts for your community, etc.
  • Provides influencers of all backgrounds a single platform to create or sell financial news, content and services
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How Does it work?

  • Apply to become a Pluto Affiliate
  • If approved, you setup your Pluto profile to match your specific needs.
  • Connect the brokerages and exchanges you prefer to trade on
  • Choose the monthly membership rates for your trading groups
  • Invite your audience to follow your investment journey on Trade with Pluto
  • Your audience follows along and has a fully integrated platform with all of their investment needs

What are the requirements for the Pluto Affiliate Program?

  • Show a profitable trading history (which will be verified to ensure the safety of our users)
  • Have a social media following (you would need in order to have your own memberships)
  • Apply on the Pluto Affiliate site
  • Make your Pluto profile public (which displays your positions and trades for your community to see.) This brings complete transparency to the trading community, so all profits/losses are proven and not faked.

NOTE: Trade with Pluto Boarding Pass NFT holders are prioritized for application review and approval.

What are ways I can make money being a Pluto Affiliate?

  • Creating membership tiers and selling financial services to your audience, i.e., callouts, live trading, upcoming “alpha” alerts, etc.
  • Paid referrals to Pluto with additional bonuses. See website for current offers.
  • Paid promotion opportunities for verified companies/projects (Pluto verifies credibility of these companies/projects before approving any sort of promotions)
  • Creating educational content on related financial topics to be used for the Pluto network, i.e., videos, articles, Twitter Spaces, etc.

How Do I Become a Pluto Affiliate?

  • Pluto Affiliate applications go live September 9, 2022 with limited positions avalible
  • Submit your application on the Pluto Affiliate site



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